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Minimum Entry Requirements

Sec 4N(A) students who obtained an ELMAB3 (English, Maths, Best 3 Subjects) raw aggregate score of 11 points or better (excluding CCA bonus points) at the GCE 'N' Level examination will be eligible to apply to the NYPFP, provided that they have also obtained the following:

For Engineering Courses*
Subjects Minimum Required Grades
English Language Syllabus A 3
Mathematics (Syllabus A / Additional) 3
One of the following relevant subjects: 
• Science (Physics, Chemistry)
• Science (Physics, Biology)
• Science (Chemistry, Biology)
• Food and Nutrition
• Design and Technology
Any two other subjects excluding CCA 3

The NYPFP is also available to N(A) students who have sat for GCE 'O' Level subjects but did not sit for the same subjects at the GCE 'N' Level. Such students are allowed to use their school-based 'O' Level preliminary examination results to compute their eligibility.

Bonus points will be awarded for good CCA grades. These bonus points will be used in computing the ELMAB3 net aggregate score for selection and posting to the PFP.

Please note that some courses may have additional medical fitness requirements as stated in the engineering course eligibility page.

*For information on the Nanyang Polytechnic Foundation Programme for all schools in NYP, please click here.